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Email: [email protected]
Text/call: 520-603-0143


At this time, consultations for the safety and well-being of our future customers are scheduled between 4:00  to 6 :30 PM due to an extreme heat advisory in the upcoming weeks. We'll be scheduling  consultations exclusively on Saturdays and Mondays. We appreciate your understanding!
Posted: June 6, 2024

For over twenty years in Tucson Romeo Tree Service has taken pride in our quality of pruning to ANSI standards, especially of Mesquites and Palo Verdes. Integrity in arboriculture and respect for your yard/home is our priority. We understand that not only do you want to know how we will make your trees more aesthetically pleasing, stronger, safer and better functioning in your space; you want to know the process in which we arrive to the outcome, which we welcome & appreciate!

Consultations with our ISA Certified Arborist are $25.00.

Benefits of Our Consultation:

  1. You will receive directly to your email, the download of Mesquites & Palo Verdes, a Home Owner’s Guide.  Produced in Tucson by Owner and Arborist, Angelo Romeo (Retail Value $24.00).
  2. Introductory class on how we will prune your trees to ANSI standards for optimal health, safety and function. This is where you become an extremely informed consumer of arboricultural services.
  3. We will discuss with you the service plan for your trees including an itemized proposal and scheduling. Allow 30-40 minutes.

Owner, Operator, Certified Arborist & Certified Tree Worker, Angelo Romeo, is the author of
Mesquites and Palo Verdes, A Home Owners Guide

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Romeo Tree Service Specializes in Mesquites and Palo Verdes
Mesquites and Palo Verdes are unique to our part of the country and require unique pruning methods for their good health and structure.

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