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Read What Our Customers Have to Say

I  HIGHLY Recommend this Company!!
ROMEO Tree Service  

The Best experience I've had with ANY Company in years! 
A very knowledgeable Arborist, Angelo & his Crew were not only kind, & Courteous.  But, did a beautiful job of cleaning out & trimming my trees, properly.
When they were finished, their cleanup was Exceptional.
I will Definitely have them back without a doubt.
☆Do NOT hesitate to hire!!!☆
Thank you so much for making this a pleasurable experience. 
Vicki Roberts

I am so glad that I hired Angelo to help me figure out why my mesquite tree was failing. Angelo is incredibly knowledgeable. Not only that, he willingly shares his knowledge. For a mere $25 for a consultation & estimate, he will come to your home, spend time diagnosing your tree and educate you on the best ways to ensure your tree(s) grow in a healthy way. Not only that, you receive a CD (or video link) to review later. Angelo is the first person to explain to me the difference between reduction and thinning. And I love that when hiring Angelo and his crew that they don't take shortcuts. So that means natural-looking results instead of those horrendous "lion's tail" trees. His pricing is very fair and the quality of his work is superb.

The oldest avocado tree in Arizona grown at the Monastery of Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration was lovingly cared for by Angelo Romeo and his Tree Service. It was badly in need of attention as some branches had died and the tree needed pruning.  Every year this faithful old tree gave us delicious avocados. I highly recommend anyone needing tree service to call on Romeo Tree Service LLC. 
Sr. Ramona Varela, OSB
Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration

I will start by stating that I am incredibly impressed by what I witnessed and the work that was done. For seven hours I had the pleasure of observing Angelo and his incredible crew work diligently, meticulously, and patiently on these two old mesquite trees desperately in need of care. I was personally greeted by everyone with kindness and warmth, and even after a difficult, tedious and long work day, Angelo and his crew were respectful of me and of each other. I truly could not be more impressed, not only with the quality of work, but with what I observed on a personal level. I didn’t hear one negative word, or one complaint the entire day. This is a testament to Angelo’s personality in attracting and retaining such hard working and skilled employees. We look forward to working with Angelo and Romeo Tree Service again.  Sincerely, Mr. Hester

We called Angelo because the landscape architect we contracted told us that "Romeo is the only guy we let touch our trees". We had mistletoe infestations and neglected palo verde, mesquite and ironwood trees. Angelo made an initial visit to survey the project and that was an education in itself. Angelo instructs and informs clients about what he feels is necessary and is up front about costs (very reasonable considering the amount of work). He and his crew arrived exactly on time, made a huge mess, then cleaned it up so it was better than when the arrived. I couldn't be happier with this business. The project is large enough to break into phases so this is phase one...the front. Phase two (the back) will come in the spring and Romeo Tree Service is the only ones I will let touch my trees.  Mr. Corraza

Angelo and his staff did a beautiful job on a tall eucalyptus. They were on time, professional, cleaned up, and charged fairly. More than that, as a Certified Arborist myself, I was delighted with the work - natural shape retained, strong structure enhanced, dead wood removed, cuts smooth and clean. Thanks to them, the tree looks as if it has NOT been pruned - like a good haircut!  Elizabeth Davison, Certified Arborist

Romeo has done great work for me for the past 8 years. When I first meet him to get a price for the removal of 2 dead palms- I decided to go with his service based on his professional and non intrusive demeanor. He was unconcerned with the other prices I received and was only concerned with the project at hand. Which I appreciated! He has pruned my 20 year old Eucalyptus, removed a dead pine as well as the annual up keep of my palo verdes ( I have 6 of them). He and his crew show up on time and waste no time! I’m pleased to share my experience with this company.  Fran Bertolotti, Sam Hughes

Having Romeo Tree Service out annually has been a great decision! Angelo is highly skilled in his work. He has completed several projects at my home and the results are always the same - swift, neat work, great cleanup, fair pricing, and personable crew. I highly recommend! Jack Geib, East Tucson